Current Sires



Swagger X Miller

AI Sire


Rice Burner

Burn x Big Game (Shellhouse 1526)

Rice Burner is a unique specimen that utilizes two of the most consistent genetic lines in the hampshire breed: Burn and Impact Hampshire's Game Face. He combines an amazing body design, snow white legs, and great muscling. We think unique is the best way to describe him and we are excited to have sold half interest to Rule Sheep Company to see what he can do in both of our flocks




Burn x Maximus x Tommy Boy

Introducing Frostbite! When we decided to LAI to Burn, we had high hopes of keeping a buck lamb or two, this guy is one of the two that we selected. He is incredibly shapely in his rib and top, jack fronted, monster boned and huge hipped. We believe the addition of these Burn ram lambs will continue moving us in the right direction. Look for lambs out of these bucks beginning in the fall!

Owned with Emsoff Livestock Company


Grizzly Dee-Zine

Grizz x Big Easy x Marcantel 43
Bred by Dee Bros.



Eccentric X Cartel

Maximus is a truly proven sire, producing champion after champion year after year. Sired by Eccentric and dammed by Rachel Chabot's popular Cartel show ewe, Maximus has all the pieces we've been looking for. We think he's the ram that can really move us forward. A huge thank you to Paulson Club Lambs for selling us their interest in Maximus.

Owned with Chabot Show Lambs, Meiwes Club Lambs and Emsoff Livestock Co.


Eye Candy

504 (Compromise x Protocol) x Marcantel 29
Bred by Nicewonger

We are excited to announce the purchase of Eye Candy from Schmillen Show Lambs. Eye Candy was bred by Nicewonger Club Lambs and purchased by Kyle as a ram lamb. We think Eye Candy is another piece to the puzzle that will help us move forward.


Reference Sires


Bullet x Trigger x Ice

AI Sire



Momentum (Composure x 2100) x Tolle (Dynasty)

2013 Reserve Senior Champion Hampshire Wether Sire at the All-American Nugget. Purchased from Image Club Lambs.



Crazy (Swagger X Gunslinger) X Ultra's Pride



Maximus X Advantage
3 years old

Duramaxx has sired top ten lambs at the Texas majors and Champions in California. There are 25 daughters working in the Meiwes flock alone.

Bred by Meiwes Club Lambs
Owned with Meiwes Club Lambs and Emsoff Livestock Company


Hard Top

Marcantel 29 x Cabaniss 172



Freddy B (Titleist X Poison) x Ultra's Pride



Swamp Donkey X Leo

2010 registered Hampshire bred by Jason Simpson.
Thanks to Lopez Ranches in Orland, for buying 1/2 interest in Bullhead


Ultra's Pride

Ultra Son



Composure X Protocol

Bred by Nicewonger Club Lambs, leased from Mickleson Club Lambs



Exposure X Gone Wild (Composure X Buckmaster daughter)



Shocker X Digital



Protocol x Primetime (Sold to Circle M Livestock, Dixon)



Nickle & Dime x Overman (Deceased)


Thick Cut

Shrank's Garrett x Potter 3H1 (Deceased)